All real-world casinos are now using 5-reel slot machines. This was the reason that 5-reel slots were so popular. These slot games often offer bonus features not available in 3-reel slot machines. Some countries, such as Australia, no longer provide 3-reel slots. Instead, they have all five reels.

The internet has permitted us to access a wide range of 3-reel and five-reel slot games. Online 5-reel slot machines offer a higher chance of winning than land-based slots. What is the difference between 5-reel and 3-reel slot games? Is it better to place a higher maximum wager on more reels than you can afford?

Payout Percentages

According to some, 5-reel slots are more challenging to win than 3-reel ones. It worked for the old slot machines, but this theory is no longer valid with RNG (random numbers generator) being introduced to online and land-based slot games.

The payout percentage that the manufacturer sets is what matters, regardless of how many reels are in the machine. A 3-reel machine with a 95% payout percentage is an example. The payout percentage for a 5-reel slot machine is 95%. This means you will get the same return on your investment over the long term.

Hit Frequency

Compare the pay tables for a 3-reel slot machine and a 5-reel one. You will notice that a 5-reel slots game has more winning combinations than one with a 3-reel. A 5-reel slot machine can have winning combinations that include 3 to 5 symbols and sometimes even 2.

This situation will result in you hitting more small payouts than big ones. A 5-reel slot will give you a higher hit frequency but lower winning amounts. You don’t need to forget about luck.

Maximize your winnings

You should play as many pay lines as possible. While the exact number of pay lines will vary from one machine to another, you will likely see between 5 and 20. You will often have the chance to play more than one payline in 5-reel slots games. Playing a maximum bet can lead to significant losses on small-sized slot machines.

You could play 20 pay lines on a 5-cent slot machine. Here, the maximum line coin is 5. Simple calculations will show that you can play a maximum bet on this machine for $5 per spin. You wouldn’t believe it for a 5c game.

Maximizing your bet is not a good idea unless the game requires it. To hit the jackpot, progressive slots games often require that you play the maximum amount of coins. Before you start playing, make sure to read the winning table. Each slot machine has a different win table. Online slot machine gaming has evolved very popularly. Online slot appliance gaming is a popular choice for gamblers.

8 Ball: This classic 3-reel, single-payline slot has one payline. This symbol is a pool ball symbol. Each ball has a different number. The jackpot prize is improved if the number of balls goes higher. The maximum award is 2,000x the waterline. You must hit the revenue line with three identical ball numbers to win. There are no blanks on the revolutions, so it only hits three balls. 8 Ball has a maximum bet of 2 coins and a variety of sects. The lowest bet is 25c. The best part about max bet is that you can exclusively play for 50 cents.

The top prize in the 8-Ball game is 2,000 coins if you place the maximum bet. This distinction can be won by hitting three 8 Balls on the payline. One thousand coins will be awarded if you play with one cash. It drops to 200 coins behind the jackpot. After 140 coins, the prize amount decreases to 160 coins. You can play this recreation online at Playtech casinos. You can likewise win up to $20,000.

Alien Alert: Alien Alert can be accessed online in two formats. The first option permits you to view the entire game in a close-up view. The second option lets you see the whole game from a distance. Alien Alert is a classic slot machine with three reels and a single pay line. This game features an exterior space theme. This game features aliens, satellites, and different items such as spaceships. You can play this game with any digit of the denomination. The maximum bet is three coins.

The lowest possible chance is a nickel, and the most elevated is five dollars. It is possible to change the height of coins without leaving the game. Eight winning combinations are possible in the game. The payline starts at 15 coins and can be played with any three aliens. If one of the three aliens is in the payline, the highest probable payout is 4000 coins. There is no wild character in the game. Alien Alert pays 600 Coins, with the max bet being the highest payout. Play this recreation online at casinos like Bet 365, Bet Fred, and Golden Palace.


You can choose which type of slot you like best. You can only have fun playing slots and winning. You can try everything to find the best slot machine for you. Then, start spinning those reels!