Online casinos offer deposit bonuses to attract new players. The casino gives the customer free money to play with. However, you can’t withdraw profits or sometimes any of your money until you wager what may seem like a lot.

An online casino may offer a 100% match on your first deposit up to $100, with a wagering requirement of at least 15 times the deposit plus bonus. This is $200 x 15, which equals $3000 in total stakes before you can cash out. It can be slow, especially if you only place a $1 minimum bet. In pursuit of the tempting bonus money, an impatient player will bet even more.

The problem is that the more you wager, the more you are susceptible to natural swings of luck or short-term variance. This makes the whole thing riskier. This is what the bonus offers are counting on. A customer who plays low-house edge games, such as blackjack, can make the minimum bet to receive the bonuses until they cash them. This will almost guarantee that the bonus will allow them to cash out most of the profit. This is because online blackjack’s house edge is just 1/2%, sometimes less.

The blackjack bot is available. This program runs on your computer and plays basic strategy. It will automatically place the minimum amount of money, determine the maximum hands it can play, and then sleep. It does all the work for you, making bonus-cashing a breeze.

When asked about the increasing use of online casino bots, a bot user replied that online casinos must offer deposit bonuses. This is the industry norm, and they are expected to do so. It works because most players will get impatient and place larger bets, leaving them open to variance and the house edge.

He explained that casinos make so much because players won’t bet large and quit playing when they lose. Therefore, the expected value of your deposit bonus is almost always cashed out by the bot products. Although these expected values vary by casino, they are usually around 80% of what the bonus actually offers after taking into account the house edge and the wagering requirements.

Many casinos also offer monthly “reload bonus” offers. The casino will allow players to make additional deposits next month, and receive more bonus money.

Is it really so simple? Online casinos are content to let bot users take their bonus money.

That question is still unanswered. Many online businesses that are infiltrated and hacked by bots have countermeasures such as Myspace, a popular social networking site. It is unclear how much of a threat online casinos are from bots exploiting their bonus policies. It is also unclear if they will spend the resources and money to fix it. The bot programmers seem always to be one step ahead of the casino operators online.