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Knights & Maidens slot machine

Knights & Maidens will be the perfect game for you if you like fantasy or magical stories. This game is based on a classic fairytale tale where a knight tries to save a damsel. This slot game with a romantic storyline is a rarity in the world of slots. Sometimes, you have to see it.

Knights & Maidens has a cliched premise, and the idea of rescuing a damsel is not new, as Van Helsing or Mr. Green Monlight can attest. But you shouldn’t just judge it on this fact. If you dig deeper, this game has many reasons to be played.

Knights of Round Table

This game uses a variety of symbols. Merlin the Wizard is one of them. Other characters include the maiden and knight. Fairies, Druid, Hunchback. These are all high-value symbols. Low-value symbols include stereotypical A, K, J, and ten icons. The Wizard is the Wild, and the knight is the Scatter symbol. The Wild symbol is not a payout symbol but can be substituted for any other character to create a winning combination. This excludes scatter and bonus symbols. Knights & Maidens has a lot of standard reel symbols.

Rescue the damsel

Knights & Maidens has a medieval fantasy theme at its core. This game depicts the battle of good against evil, with wizards, knights, maidens, and dragons. A golden frame surrounds the reels, while the background is a colorful wallpaper with an owl and playing cards. This game also makes good use of animations. This game is a perfect blend of graphics and soundtrack that will appeal to players at all levels.

Be a shining knight

The minimum bet is $0.05, and the maximum bet is $10.In this game, you can win up to 5,000x for the initial bet on the payline. The game’s features will put you in the best position to win the $50,000 jackpot. You can win 1,000 coins by finding the dragon symbol and 500 coins if you find five fairy symbols on an active payline.

Ride off into the sunset

Three or more knights must appear simultaneously on the reels to activate the feature. You will receive ten free spins if three knights are visible. If four knights are on the screen, you’ll get 20 free games. And if five knights are present at once, you’ll get 30. Free spins can be won when playing with the free spins option. This allows you to continue the action of free play.

The hand of a fair maiden

The Cavalier’s Quest Bonus Game is triggered if at least three bonus symbols are displayed on the reels simultaneously. Every player wants to free the maiden as she will win a large bonus prize. You must pass through five dives in this game. To release the maiden, you will be asked to choose one item at each stage. You will receive a reward if you choose an item with a prize. If you select an article with the words “Game Over” hidden behind it, the bonus game ends, and you return to regular play.

Shield and sword ready

Knights is a casino slot game that pushes the limits and delivers hours of entertainment. This game is worth a try if you’re a romantic or think of yourself as a knight in shining armor. The game is entertaining, and players will find it in every aspect. The game is suitable for high rollers as well as casual rollers. It also has a wide range of pay-ins and payouts. There is no doubt that your courage will be put to the test when you play this slot.