On Monday night, the Rockford audience was able to learn in-depth three proposals for the creation of a Rockford casino. Each of the companies, seek the support of the public, as the deadline is approaching.

One of the main objectives, according to Tom Mcnamara, mayor of Rockford, is to beat Beloit.At the Coronado Performing Arts Center, a large number of people gathered for this public hearing where the three Rockford proposals, each of them presented by the developers and their related officials, would be shown.

JB Pritzker, Governor of Illinois, last June, pointed out that the main objective is to beat Beloit while he was on a Rockford signature project of the legislative game package. The Rockford process has been very fast, taking into account the stipulated time of 120 days that the State has set.

McNamara, before the media on Monday, was talking about the high possibilities that exist to beat Beloit. Although first of all, it is to be able to create, in the long and short term, the best development project for its citizens.

He also pointed out the fact that many communities take their dollars to other locations and how they play a role in this issue, and here, work has been done for decades to build a casino.

The Ho-Chunk application for the creation of a casino was announced since May 31, for the amount of $405 million, and this would be for July. It has only remained in the Office of Indigenous Affairs (BIA), or at least that’s what the tribe officials think, according to Ryan Greendeer, an information officer at Ho-Chunk.

Thirty days or a little more, is what is expected for the following notifications by Beloit, and thus know the final decision. This date has been stipulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Green deer, for his part, has pointed out that the office of indigenous affairs has only been criticized for every decision they have taken in these 185 years. For this reason, despite wanting to seek a decision that makes everyone happy in court, it will take time to make their decision defensible.

Roscoe and Rockton have been left out of the percentage of tax revenues generated by the future casino in Rockford, and McNamara has decided to refuse to comment on which counties if a portion of this income will be provided.

What if he added was that 20% of what was provided to the countywould serve to complete for the smaller municipalities, specific percentages.

For the desired game license, three casinos compete. The Luna Entertainment Group, has a proposal for the Interstate 39/90 corridor, Hard Rock International, has proposed the reconstruction of the Resort clock tower complex, and converted it into a hotel/casino, and by Gorman and Co , near the Embassy Suites hotel, a complex that includes even an aquarium and many more plans.

Forest City Casino Group: They estimate an investment of $400 million, where they want to include 40,000 square feet for an indoor water park, two hotels, Luxe Golf Bays facility, and 10,000 square feet of an outdoor water park, entertainment area Family, and a sports complex.

Also, they want to include homes for the elderly and much more,all this in the middle of a 60,000 square foot casino, which is estimated to offer 2,000 jobs in the city.

If compared with the other two proposals, the terrain that officials have shown is five times larger than the others.

Hard Rock International: With an investment of $310 million, Hard Rock International, they want to include in this complex, which would be located in the old Resort Clock Tower, a 1,600-square-foot concert hall, two independent bars, three restaurants, and much more entertainment, in the middle of 64,000 square feet.

The revenue projection was not specified on Monday, but an economic impact of $282 million per year is estimated. Attendees received this proposal very well from Hard Rock International, although it is believed that it could be because of the trick of presenting guitarist Nielsen, in the middle of the proposal.

Gorman & Company: Near the convention center and the Embassy Suites hotel, there is the place where they want to create this proposal. This includes a 60,000 square foot casino, a 20,000 square foot aquarium, restaurants, and a sports complex. This proposal is intended to be remodeling in buildings that are already listed, and with this project, it is estimated to generate around 800 jobs.

The Zoning Appeals Board will be responsible for reviewing each of the proposals.