At some Phase, every severe slot player goes on surfing pilgrimage searching for the best online slot machines. They are often disappointed or find an incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated list sponsored only by a casino with all the mentioned slots. We can’t guarantee you the best online slots with the highest payouts, but we can tell you how someone can get the most out of those you enjoy.

Different slot games offer different line options. You will need to travel to move from multi-line machines in a live casino. The actual slot machines offer fewer lines than video slots. It takes only a few clicks to switch between machines online. This makes it simple to play the various types of slot games. Which one of these types pays more? Each game has a different payout percentage so that you will find both generously high and low payout percentages. There are still many ways to ensure that you get the best from your favorite slot game.

Don’t waste your time playing lines that aren’t paying out. Traditional slots, which only offer one pay line, have the highest payouts for players who wager max credits. Other combination pay will be multiplied according to the amount of credits available, but betting max is the only way to access the much larger jackpot.

Multi-line machines, on the other side, reward you for betting maximum. Playing every line is the best way to increase your chances of winning. To activate a bonus, you should read the information about it. Some bonuses may require placing a minimum wager (not always the maximum) to activate the combination. You can change your betting denomination if you cannot afford to play all lines plus the minimum per line.

Online slots that offer generous paytables from the bottom up tend to have the highest payout percentages in terms of payout percentages. While some games promise a large top prize, the rest of the payout table is often affected. You don’t want to be bored while playing the slots. Instead, look for a consistent paytable. Even if you do get lucky and win the smaller jackpot, we believe you will still be satisfied with it. Even if you don’t hit the jackpot, you can rest assured that something is likely. The lower-paying machines listed above will take your money much faster.

If all else fails, and you still want to know the exact payout percentage for a particular game, you can e-mail the support department at the casino. Although they might not always post their payout percentages, they must keep track of them for each machine.

Jungle Goals Slots

Parrots may have played football at local zoos or parks, but 888 has taken parrot football to another level with their slot Jungle Goals.

When the parrots want to play a football game, they head straight out of the jungle onto the sandy beach. The parrots create goals from palm trees and then play football for 90 minutes under the supervision of the Toucan referee.

The Players

Parrots love to paint their feathers to look like the teams they support. There’s a parrot in red and yellow who is a fan of Spain, another who is a native Argentinian, and one who has Mexican blood. The parrot prefers to stay in his natural green color so that you can tell him apart from the other parrots when playing his favorite position as goalkeeper. The five reels have nine pay lines, and each parrot has many symbols. You will receive a prize if you can line them up in a row of 3, 4, or 5 characters.

If the green and red parakeets appear simultaneously on reels 1, 5, and 6, you will receive a Pick-Me Bonus. Pick your favorite parrot and reveal the prize.

This game requires you to collect additional items, including red and white feathers instead of cards, corner flags, and footballs. All winning lines can earn you between 3x to 100x the line bet.

In-Play Prizes

Three to five trophies on any reel award several free spins. Three medals award ten free spins. Four trophies award 20 free spins. Five trophies reward 30 free spins.

Two different Wild Goal symbols are also included in the game. The Red Wild Symbol and the Purple X3 Wild Symbol can be used to replace parrots, football paraphernalia, and other symbols to increase the number of winning combinations. However, if the Purple Wild is part of a line prize, it will triple that!

After any spin, players can also win a progressive 3, 4, or 5-figure jackpot. This is awarded entirely randomly – anyone can win!

Tickets Prices

You can choose your ticket price based on the prizes you want to win. Line bets range from 0.05 to 10 coins. The cheapest ticket costs 0.45 coins per spin, and the most costly is 90 coins.

The 888 slots are still full of great features. Two different wilds, free spins, a Pick-Me Bonus, and a potential jackpot await players.