IGT’s traditional mechanical slots machines remain very popular and lucrative, despite the rise in the popularity of video slots. To make money playing difficult games, it is important to find out which machines have the highest payouts. Although card games offer the highest win rates, many slot machines provide a high return on investment. These are money-making tips to help you choose the best machine for your favorite slot machines.

Tip #1 – Choose a machine that has a lower multiplier. If you choose a machine with a lower multiplier than one with a 2X multiplier or none multiplier, these machines are less likely to pay a good deal. Research shows that wild machines with lower multipliers pay 30% more than those with higher multipliers. Many times, I have almost pulled my hair out because I couldn’t win anything on a 5-X or higher machine for $20. These machines offer the highest chance of winning. There are also lower-reward, higher-risk slots that offer more potential wins. With lower multipliers, you will win more over a longer time period and more often than with higher multipliers.

Tip #2: Limit your play to one payline when playing on a slot machine. A novice slot player might not see the value of playing only one line. It might seem that there are more chances of getting good payouts if you have more lines. This is false. Slot manufacturers have increased the number of symbols on their reels by placing more blanks. It is now harder to win big winnings. You may be surprised at the difference in pay between getting three red 7s on a Double Diamond single-line machine and the same line win on a Five-Liner. The pay is not the same. Playing single-line will give you more wins and a higher payout frequency.

Tip #3 – Place as many bets as you can to maximize your chances of winning. This is an important aspect of mechanical slot play. It doesn’t matter if you only have one coin to wager on, as you can place bets on multiple coins and make more. We can only afford to spend three coins because we play mechanical slots and not multiline video slot machines. As a result, players will have more wins and more line wins. This holds even for progressive slots like Megabucks and Wheel of Fortune. You may have ever put one coin on the wheel only to see the bonus wheel symbol appear on the next wheel. It has happened to many, but it doesn’t have to again.

These tips will help you locate the highest-paying machines and potentially win bigger winnings. Responsible gaming is the key to great casino experiences. Make better decisions by using common sense. Avoid getting caught in games that offer low payouts.

All types of players love slot machines. There are proven ways to make money. You can beat them, no matter where you play: online or at the casino. Here, more money-making tips can be found: How to Win at Slots!